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Hangzhou Cowin Pharma Co.,Ltd (hereinafter called Cowin Pharma) is a professional foreign trading company founded in May, 2005. Cowin Pharma focus on research, manufacture and sales of API and intermediates for pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmaceutical Industry is a highly specialized and responsible business, and we commited to the Society and to ourselves to work in the line for a better Society.

Working out of its central office in Hangzhou China, Cowin Pharma consists of 2 divisions:

-Hangzhou Cowin Pharma Co., Ltd.
-Manufacturing plant.

Activities of Cowin Pharma including two parts:

Part 1-Manufacturing
With the years history of R&D and manufacturing for pharmaceutical, currently we specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales of APIs and intermediates of Antibiotics , Cardiovascular, Antiviral, Central nervous system etc, in compliance with the strictest standards in today's pharmaceutical markets.

Cowin Pharma had several manufacturing plants in China, most of which are GMP- certified facilities, we can provide long-term, stable, reliable supply chain.

Part 2-Global Sales
On the basis of long-term experience for international trade, we have strong sales network to keep good understanding of the domestic manufacturers as well as global market, which enable us to provide our customers with comprehensive services, including quality material, competitive price and excellent sales services.